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The Meat Show Is Going to Japan

Host Nick Solares samples porky ramen, Wagyu beef, and more on his carnivorous tour of Japan

Not to be outdone by Dining on a Dime's recent adventure outside of the United States, Eater's original series The Meat Show is packing its bags for an international season of its own: a quest to sample the best and meatiest dishes that Japan has to offer.

Follow host and professional carnivore Nick Solares from Osaka to Tokyo and beyond as he eats his way through the Land of the Rising Sun, tasting juicy chicken dishes, slurping pork-studded ramen bowls, and enjoying a ten-course meal centered around the most expensive beef in the world, olive-fed Wagyu. He'll even get up to some non-carnivorous activities as well, like learning how to make udon noodles from scratch and visiting a traditional tea garden. Tune in each week to see where and what Solares is eating next, and be sure to bring your appetite.

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