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The 2016 Emmys Were Catered by Jimmy Kimmel's Mom

Celebs feasted on PB&J and juice boxes

Jimmy Kimmel hosting the 2016 Emmys Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The swag from last night’s 2016 Emmy Awards included more than just free vacations and pricey skincare products. This year, Hollywood’s finest were treated to homemade PB&J sandwiches, just like the kind mom makes — Jimmy Kimmel’s mom, specifically.

Kimmel, who hosted the star-studded ceremony, joked that most in attendance “hadn’t eaten since Labor Day.” The solution? Seven thousand homemade PB&Js, made by his mom (and, let’s be real here, most likely a team of dedicated caterers). The sandwiches were distributed, naturally, by the cast of Netflix sensation Stranger Things, who tossed them to attendees from their bicycles.

Kimmel handed some out, too, at one point asking the actors to raise their hands if they had a gluten allergy. “Okay, I just want America to see which of their favorite celebrities are the most annoying,” he joked. “Oh — also, if you’re allergic to peanuts, I guess this is goodbye, because we could only afford one Epi-Pen.”

Top Chef judge Gail Simmons Instagrammed her sandwich, complete with a juice box and a sweet note from Mom:

Thanks @jimmykimmel's mom! This definitely helps soften the blow. And totally hits the spot.

A photo posted by Gail Simmons (@gailsimmonseats) on

Fellow Top Chef star Tom Colicchio was there, too, and in true judge form provided a critique of the evening’s meal:

Amy Schumer’s brown-bagged meal came with a note, too, though it seems it was delivered to the wrong Amy:

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