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Watch: Nick Solares Samples Mexican Kosher Food at This Meaty, Bi-Coastal Counter

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Chef Katsuji Tanabe's take on a French dip is made with brisket carnitas

What do you get when you cross Mexican cuisine with Kosher restrictions? This week on The Meat Show, host and professional carnivore Nick Solares heads to New York's Upper West Side to check out MexiKosher, the new East Coast outpost of a Los Angeles restaurant helmed by executive chef Katsuji Tanabe.

Tanabe grew up in Mexico City, and got his start in the food world in Los Angeles selling tacos in Beverly Hills. In opening his own restaurants, he wanted to put a spin on his favorite traditional Mexican recipes; though he doesn't keep Kosher personally, Tanabe's menus are devoid of pork, shellfish, or dairy, which allows him to get creative with ingredients and preparations. Watch as Solares samples Tanabe's take on the classic French dip sandwich, which features brisket carnitas cooked in duck fat rather than pork.

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