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Watch: Travel Back to the 18th Century With This Recipe for Parmesan Ice Cream

A savory dessert

What did Americans of the 18th century eat when they were in the mood for a frozen treat? No, they didn't reach for the latest Ben & Jerry's concoction. Turns out, they enjoyed salty parmesan cheese in their ice cream. This video shows off a recipe from the era.

The list of ingredients includes simple syrup for sweetness, but as the name might suggest, it also features a healthy dose of parmesan. The resulting ice cream is sweet and salty, much more savory than most flavors you might find at the local scoop shop.

"You don't get any cheese texture out of it, but you get that cheese flavor," host Jon Townsend says in the video. "And it comes in a little late, that cheese. First it's a little sweet like ice cream, and then it warms up."

Watch the above video and learn how to make your own old-school parmesan ice cream at home.

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