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Pumpkin Spice LaCroix Thankfully Only Exists in Your Nightmares

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Thanks to this nifty generator

The trendiest of all beverages can now come in the trendiest of flavors — well, sort of. Fans of LaCroix, the sparkling water that’s taken America by storm of late, can customize their own varieties with a handy online flavor generator.

DIY LaCroix

Choose your own color palette, input a customized name, and voila: You've got your very own flavor of LaCroix. Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely your creation will ever come to market. But, you could probably convince someone at a Whole Foods bakery to recreate it in cake form.

We took the liberty of crafting several LaCroix flavors to represent the hot-ticket food items of the year, everything from avocado toast to pumpkin spice and beyond (thankfully, LaCroix isn't one of the many food things that have already received the pumpkin spice treatment). Please enjoy looking at, and imagine passing over, these flavors come to life. Just don't expect to find them at your local grocery store.

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