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Chipotle Slapped With Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

An ex-employee says managers favored Hispanic employees

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Chipotle’s latest debacle has arrived in the form of a racial discrimination lawsuit. A former employee in California filed suit against the downtrodden burrito chain on Tuesday, claiming she was fired after complaining about preferential treatment given to other employees, MyNewsLA reports.

According to the suit, Sheqweshu Clark began working at a Chipotle in El Segundo in June 2012 and “was promoted several times”; after returning from maternity leave in December 2015, she claims she and other black workers were repeatedly assigned night shifts while a new district manager gave more desirable day shifts to Latino employees.

Clark says she addressed the issue with a manager who responded, “Black girls always have an attitude." Clark says she was fired in late January after approaching the district manager about the situation; she’s “seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.”

"We only just learned of this suit and will evaluate its merits and determine a course of action," Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold told Eater via email. "Generally speaking, however, a lawsuit is nothing more than a series of allegations and does not constitute proof of any wrongdoing on our part."

Chipotle is also currently facing a gigantic class-action lawsuit in which nearly 10,000 current and former employees are suing the company for unpaid wages.

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