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Spaghetti-Oh Noes: Truck Spills 45,000 Pounds of Bolognese

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A tragic loss for the pasta world

Shropshire Star

This week in large-scale culinary disasters: A truck in the UK spilled literal tons of spaghetti bolognese onto a highway, blocking traffic for hours in both directions.

No other vehicles were involved in the incident, and the only injuries were suffered by Italians’ culinary pride. Police were unable to say how, exactly, the saucy pasta ended up in the road; presumably the truck’s driver realized that pre-made bolognese was a travesty, and decided to spare his fellow countrymen from having to consume spaghetti that had been soaking in sauce for god knows how many hours in the back of a truck.

The truckful of pasta amounted to 22 tonnes — or about 45,000 pounds — and created quite the traffic jam: “The food is so thick and gloopy that it will take several hours to clear it up,” a police spokesman told the Shropshire Star.

The capsized pasta probably would’ve paired nicely with the thousands of gallons of red wine that recently flooded a French highway. Now if only a semi truck hauling garlic bread would overturn.

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