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Deep-Frying Expert Wants to Take Crazy State Fair Food Nationwide

Funnel cake fries: coming soon to a Walmart near you?

Fries made out of cookie dough
Isaac Rousso’s cookie fries
Kathy Tran

Each year, the State Fair of Texas hosts millions of visitors who travel from far and wide to feast on the newest and strangest in deep-fried food innovations. (This year’s new creations include fried Jello and pulled pork-stuffed fried Funyuns.) But if one fair food vendor has it his way, fair-worthy fried food will be as close as your nearest Walmart.

State Fair vendor Isaac Rousso, who’s won numerous awards for his deep-fried wonders, is opening a fair food-themed restaurant inside a Walmart in the Dallas suburb of Plano next week. The Dallas Morning News reports it’ll be “the first in a region-wide, then potentially nationwide expansion.”

The aptly named State Fair Treats, described as a “retro-themed diner,” will serve funnel cake fries, corn dogs, “deep-fried hash browns stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese,” and Rousso’s new cookie fries (deep-fried cookie dough masquerading as crinkle fries, with chocolate and strawberry sauces for dipping), among other things.

This is the same guy that unleashed nuclear-colored bacon margaritas on an unsuspecting public, so expect things to get weird. Rousso anticipates he’ll have more than a dozen locations open by the end of 2017, and tells the Morning News he’s looking to snap up vacant spaces inside Walmart stores as big chains like McDonald’s move out.

While we’d argue that the best part about State Fair food is that it’s only available three weeks each year, perhaps Walmart customers in other parts of the country will take delight in discovering the kind of deep-fried oddities that Texans have punished their bodies with for years.

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