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Your Favorite Food #Brands Have Taken Over Apple's iMessage

A new avenue for brands to enter your life

Apple has released iOS 10, the latest software update for millions of iPhones and iPads across the globe. The newest rendition includes a number of changes, both large and small, such as the ability to book restaurant reservations without leaving an iMessage conversation. That isn't the only change for iMessage (Apple's fancy text-messaging service). Behold: "stickers" from some of the biggest food brands around.

Food brands stickers

What, exactly, are these stickers? Basically, bigger versions of emoji, part of Apple's attempt to jazz up iMessage and lure today's yutes away from Snapchat. There are some generic food-related stickers, but a few of the industry's major companies have already created packages that allow you to express your love for giant corporations. Among the #brands represented:


Starbucks sticker

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin Doughnuts sticker


Coca-cola sticker

Whole Foods

Whole Foods sticker

For those who have upgraded to iOS 10, the stickers are available via the new iMessage app store. Go do your civic duty and help raise awareness for these brands.

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