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Your Cool Uncle Joe Biden Tipped $20 on a $3 Milkshake

Smooth move, Joe

Joe Biden/Facebook

Vice president Joe Biden is a very good tipper: Yesterday he popped into a diner in Rock Hill, South Carolina — flanked by Secret Service, of course — to grab a chocolate milkshake, and according to local paper the Herald, the unofficial Cool Uncle of the United States left a $20 gratuity.

“You don’t get $20 tips for a single milkshake every day,” Five & Diner staffer Jessica Brazell, who personally made Biden’s shake, told the Herald. “Then again, you don’t make a milkshake for the vice president every day.”

While we can’t say for sure whether or not Biden said “Keep the change, kid” and winked, we strongly suspect it.

Biden’s love of ice cream is no secret, and his chocolate milkshake habit has been documented numerous times: In the summer of 2014 he was spotted sipping a black-and-white shake at Shake Shack in D.C., and he also ordered a chocolate shake at an Auburn, New York diner while in town for a wedding a few months later. Last year, a photographer captured him at The Melt in San Francisco, a chocolate shake at his side:

Biden’s not greedy when it comes to his desserts, either: During a 2014 visit to a Delaware burger joint, President Obama told the crowd, “Me and Joe, we share shakes all the time.” After all, the leaders of the free world have to watch their caloric intake.

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