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Watch: Can You Handle the Meatiest Sandwich at NYC’s Carnegie Deli?

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Two levels of corned beef and pastrami will set you back $29.99

New York has no shortage of classic, old-school eateries, but one of the most well-known is Carnegie Deli, a Midtown Manhattan landmark named for it’s across the street neighbor, Carnegie Hall. Carnegie Deli is known for its signature New York cheesecakes, potato knishes, and matzo ball soup, but above all, tourists and locals alike stop in for meaty, kosher-style sandwiches, each of which weigh-in at over one pound.

The king of Carnegie Deli’s sandwich menu, however, puts the others to shame. The Woody Allen, a double-decker sandwich that’s loaded with layers of corned beef and pastrami, will set a diner back $29.99, and is so tall it can barely stand up on its own, even with the help of two giant skewers. The deli created the dish in the movie director’s name after acting as a setting in his 1983 film, Broadway Danny Rose. Watch the video above for a look at how the formidable sandwich is made.

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Carnegie Deli

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