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Burrito-Wielding Cops Rescue Adorable Kitten

Tortillas save lives

Burrito for scale
Schattige Fotos/Flickr

Humans love burritos. (Case in point: Many of them still actually eat at Chipotle following that large-scale E. coli disaster.) You know who else loves burritos? Kittens.

In what’s undoubtedly the most heart-warming burrito-related story you’ll hear all day, police in Parlier, California saved a tiny kitten from a drainage pipe early Monday morning. Their rescue method of choice? A partially-eaten burrito, which the officers cleverly used to lure the hungry kitten to safety.

Parlier Officers Jimenez and Corona save a hungry kitten that had been trapped in a drainage pipe, this morning. The...

Posted by Parlier Police Department on Monday, 12 September 2016

One of the officers intends to adopt the kitten and name it Burrito, which is a perfectly storybook ending to this rescue tale. Rather than sending fire fighters up ladders and into trees to rescue cats, maybe we could just use burrito drones?

For those who wish to provide their cat with the warm embrace of a burrito minus the potential digestive effects, there’s always this tortilla towel that will transform anyone, feline or human, into a cuddly taco/burrito/taquito/quesadilla.

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