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Millionaire Football Player Stiffs Server, Server Gets Fired

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A bad meal for everyone involved

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

DeAngelo Williams plays football for a living. The Pittsburgh Steelers running back is set to make $2 million for his gridiron exploits this season, and he's amassed $46.2 million since his NFL debut in 2006. Deangelo Williams recently dined at a restaurant in Maryland and left a $0.74 tip on a $128.26 check, according to TMZ.

For those keeping score at home, that's a paltry 0.6 percent. Why would someone with so much money give so little for someone who relies on tips as their income? The service was bad, of course. Williams went on a tweetstorm to defend his decision, claiming he waited on his food at Ledo's Restaurant for an hour and a half, and that his server allegedly never refilled his beverage. What's worse, the kitchen screwed up his order: "I ordered chicken and shrimp in my pasta they put it on my salad."

That does sound like a pretty bad meal, but is it worth such retribution? The server claimed Williams was at the restaurant for 45 minutes, which would make at least part of his story an embellishment, depending on which party you believe.

Unfortunately for the server, identified as Christina L. on Williams's receipt, she couldn't keep her frustration over the incident to herself. After Christina posted a rant on Facebook, calling the running back "cheap as shit," her employer took swift action. Ledo's owner Jimmy Marcos told TMZ she has been fired.

If Christina decides to stay in the restaurant business, she may want to find some sources connected to the TipsForJesus folks and get a line on where they might be dining next.

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