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Dos Equis Introduces the Second-Most Interesting Man in the World

He's the new face of the beer brand

It's been six months since Dos Equis decided to fire The Most Interesting Man In The Word into outer space. Presumably, the silver-headed adventurer is galavanting around his new home on Mars — that's what the beer brand would have us believe, anyway. Now there's a new most interesting man in town. Or maybe a second-most interesting man. This video reveals the next face of the Mexican brew.

Could this new guy possibly be as interesting as the original TMIMITW? "It's hard to say," declares the mysterious spokesperson. If the introduction is any indication, he's embarked on plenty of his own adventures. With dark brown hair and beard, he appears much younger than his predecessor (hey, millennials). And, he actually speaks Spanish in this scene. Bilingualism is most definitely interesting.

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