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REWARD: Lost 12-Pack of Trendy Sparkling Water, Answers to the Name 'La Croix'


LaCroix Facebook

In news that could only come out of Portland, someone has suffered a great personal loss in the form of a 12-pack of tangerine La Croix. And, as one does when they lose something, they’ve posted signs in the hopes that some kind citizen will return it.

An Instagram user captured an image of the sign while on a bike ride, and it’ll surely tug on the heartstrings of any fruit-flavored sparkling water devotee:

Missing: 12-Pack Tangerine LaCroix

No collar. Not microchipped. Was taken from my car on N. Central St. on the morning of 9/6. May be cold and scared. Skittish toward strangers; can be lured with Juanita’s Chips. His littermate, 12-Pack Pamplemousse LaCroix, misses him dearly as do his owners. Please contact me ASAP with any sightings.


A photo posted by The Little Smith Farm (@living_with_the_smiths) on

If this Portlander fails to locate their lost beverage companion, at least they can pay edible tribute to it via a cake from the Whole Foods bakery.

If the missing cans still don’t turn up, might we suggest taking out a milk carton-style missing person ad, but printed on the side of a can of Pamplemousse?

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