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Watch: The Ceramicist Making New York’s Coolest Tableware

How Wynne Noble's handmade plates inspire some of the city's top restaurants

This week on Shokunin, host and sushi chef David Bouhadana explores the work and process of professional ceramicist Wynne Noble, who supplies the tableware for some of New York's most notable restaurants.

Noble is the founder of Noble Plateware, maker of one-of-a-kind plates, bowls, and other pieces that grace the tabletops of the likes of Momofuku Ko and Contra. Her clients use her work not only as vessels for their food but often as jumping-off points as well. Chefs take pieces home to play with during their menu-developing stages, drawing inspiration from them for plating, preparation, and sometimes even the choice of ingredients themselves. Each of Noble's pieces is made by hand and completely unique, appealing to chefs who like the evidence of a human touch in both the food they're serving and what's underneath it.

Watch the video above to learn more — and to see Bouhadana take a spin at the potter's wheel.

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