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Stealing Three Fries Off a Cop’s Plate Can Get You Arrested, FYI

That’s second-degree theft

Pile of french fries esimpraim/Flickr

Stealing french fries off a friend’s plate is expected and generally tolerated, because who can resist those crispy, salty, deep-fried morsels of potato? Pilfering said fries from a stranger significantly ups the ante, however — particularly when that stranger is a cop.

A Washington DC woman’s insatiable french fry craving landed her in jail last week, Fox 5 reports. The incident occurred Wednesday night at a restaurant called Italian Kitchen in northwest D.C. According to police, an officer was eating dinner when two allegedly intoxicated women “sat down next to him and tried to start a conversation.”

One of the women reportedly ate a fry off the officer’s plate, and when she went back for a second, the officer told her to stop. “I then politely asked [the woman] to not do that again because I paid for that food and she was stealing from me and she could be arrested for theft of my food," he wrote in the subsequent police report.

Failing to heed the cop’s warning, the woman snatched a third fry and was promptly arrested for second-degree theft. Per WUSA, the stolen property is listed in the police report as “french fried potato,” quantity three. Hopefully the judge will be sympathetic to the woman’s french-fried plight; after all, the Florida man who threw a live gator through a drive-thru window got off with only probation.

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