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Pizza ATM Joins Cupcake ATM as Americans Get Lazier and Lazier

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Tracking one of the universe's greatest creations

Pizza ATM Pizza ATM/Facebook

This country may have birthed great tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Intel, but it was a company in France that created the one piece of technology Americans truly need: a pizza ATM. Last month, Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio became the first place in the country to kick into gear a machine that dispenses pizzas, Forbes reports.

The pizza ATM can spit out pies within three minutes of ordering, making it a prime option for late-night dining on campus. The past few weeks were reportedly a test period for the machine, which (unsurprisingly) received high praise from students, a Xavier representative told Forbes.

This glorious machine can hold 70 12-inch pizzas at a time, and customers can select their pizza pie of choice and pay with either a credit card or a student card, as previously reported. The pizzas are prepared by dining hall staff and cost $9 to $10 apiece.

Starting September 8, the pizza ATM will be stocked twice a day. Yet, 140 pizzas hardly seems enough for the 6,000-plus students enrolled and any thrill-seekers who will inevitably flock to campus to try out the pizzas.

The pizza ATM joins a cupcake ATM in Austin and actual cash ATMs everywhere in helping Americans reach peak lazy. But how soon until it's installed inside every 7-Eleven across the country? That day cannot come soon enough.

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