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Bacon by Bacon Is Kevin Bacon's Finest Work Yet

If only it were real...

Though late night TV host James Corden is perhaps best known for his carpool karaoke videos, his latest visual treat comes in the form of a commercial for a cologne that is said to be inextricable from its source of inspiration: Kevin Bacon.

Before you get excited, Bacon by Bacon is not real. But, the commercial so closely mimics the drama and intensity of real perfume advertisements that it's believable. And maybe it's only a matter of time before some brilliant company puts this product on the market if only for the joke value. Bacon by Bacon is "the only smell that captures the essence of both your favorite cured meat and favorite actor," says the video posted to The Late Late Show with James Corden's YouTube channel.

In the clip Bacon and Corden act out a whole series of awkward poses before coming to the most important question of all: does the cologne smell like bacon or like Kevin Bacon? Answer, per the man himself: "we smell exactly the same." And let's not forget the last time Bacon appeared in a commercial, officially endorsing the time-honored combo of Bacon and eggs.

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