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LaCroix Cake at Williamsburg Whole Foods Is the Nexus of Yuppiedom

Wash it down with actual LaCroix

The bakery department at Whole Foods is known to get creative — remember breakup cake? — and a Williamsburg store is using confectionaries to celebrate what has become one of America's favorite beverages. Behold: the LaCroix cake.

Not only is there a full-size cake that's a spitting image of a LaCroix 12-pack — it looks like that's a box of lime — the bakery has attempted to recreate individual cans in the form of cupcakes. Although, it could have done a better job by shaping the smaller cakes in the form of actual cans, as opposed to simply applying the image to the traditional cupcake form.

What should one drink to wash down this dessert. A real can of LaCroix, obviously.

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