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Watch: People Are Paying to Eat in Dumpsters Now

Food waste gets fancy

With the current craze surrounding tiny houses, it's unsurprising that dining spaces would evolve — or devolve, as the case may be — too. A new video by Discovery Channel's Seeker Stories offers an up-close and personal look at a new dining trend: eating dinner in a dumpster.

To be fair, this is a pretty kitted-out dumpster, complete with Edison bulb string lights and a multi-course dinner. (Is it any wonder that it takes place in San Francisco?) But it isn't quite as hipster as it might seem.

The dining series — known as Salvage Supperclub — was meant to start a conversation about food waste. As such, the menu is devised of food that would otherwise be thrown out (imperfect produce, for example). Proceeds from the dinners (past events have cost $125 a person) go to organizations that are feeding those in need with — what else — food waste.

Food waste has been a hot topic lately. Like Salvage Supperclub, many restaurants are working to combat the problem by serving foods that would typically be destined for the garbage bin. Some apps are even getting in on the fun, offering users the chance to buy meals that restaurants would normally throw away, for a deeply discounted price.

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