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Watch: Find Lumpia, Spicy Wings, and Filipino Poutine at Silog

Find classic flavors with an updated twist in an LA strip mall

In this week’s episode of Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson travels to Torrance, California to sample Lemuel Guiyab’s cuisine in his newly-opened restaurant, Silog, presented casually in the confines of a strip mall. The rise of Filipino flavors has been a culinary theme in Los Angeles recently, and Guiyab is capitalizing on that trend, serving food inspired by his childhood with a modern flair.

"Fusion" cuisine is a term that's overused, but there’s no better way to describe menu items such as a dish made with tater tots that resembles a Filipino poutine. There are other more traditional dishes, too, like lumpia, adobo chicken wings, and a sharp, acidic pork dish served with garlic fried rice. Guiyab is new to the restaurant business, and new to cooking as well — this venture is the first time he’s been a chef in the kitchen.

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