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Guy Fieri Explains His Hair; Starbucks Finally Adds Almond Milk

Five things to know today

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday. The Rio Olympics are fully underway, and despite a lack of coffee in the Olympic Village, Team USA is pretty much crushing it. The women's gymnastics team competes in the team finals tonight, and according to Women's Health, four-foot-eight star Simone Biles' post-workout snack of choice is a banana with peanut butter.

In more food news today: Starbucks adds a new dairy-free option; Guy Fieri discusses the all-important issue that is his hair; why no one eats on The Bachelor; and the strange way wine will be served at Donald Trump's upcoming D.C. hotel.

— At long last, Starbucks has joined the nut milk bandwagon: The coffee giant is adding almond milk to the menu, with plans for a nationwide rollout by the end of September. (It first delved into non-dairy options with soy milk in 2004, and began serving coconut milk last year.)

— How come you never actually see food pass anyone's lips on The Bachelor? Turns out the reality show's cast doesn't actually get to eat on their many dinner dates, because that would interfere with all the heartfelt conversations they're forced to have. (Also, the water glasses on the dinner table "may or may not be filled with vodka Red Bull," according to a former contestant.)

— What's the deal with Guy Fieri's perpetually bleached spikes, anyway? Says the Food Network star: "I didn't do the look to be on TV and I don't keep the look because I'm on TV. It's just the way that I like to look. It's just how I like to flow." Duly noted.

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— When Donald Trump's much-discussed Trump Hotel opens in Washington, DC it will be home to a fancy bar where patrons can order tastes of high-end wines by the spoonful — served in a crystal spoon, natch.

— The Australian version of Burger King (Down Under it's called Hungry Jack's, weirdly enough) has introduced new french fry packaging designed to deter birds from swooping in for a snack. The holographic silver cartons also say "Scram!" just in case any hungry pigeons in the area happen to read and understand English.