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Watch a Potato Get Peeled Alive in Seth Rogen's 'Sausage Party'

The Pixar-esque film premieres Friday, August 12

What would happen if you took Toy Story, made it about food, and slapped an R-rating on it? Seth Rogen's upcoming movie Sausage Party, that's what. Rogen was on The Tonight Show last night to discuss the project and showcase a new clip, which features a potato savagely being peeled alive and baby carrots meeting their demise.

As Rogen explains the film's plot, "If you look at the secret life of food, it's horrifying, because you eat it... and to us, that was a brilliant movie idea." Rogen also told Fallon he's "been apologizing to journalists" for having to cover the decidedly low-brow, "completely deranged" film, which has apparently been in the works for a decade.

Judge for yourself this Friday, August 12, when Sausage Party hits theaters nationwide.

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