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Levitating Glassware Makes You an Actual Cocktail Magician

Yes, it's real

Levitating Cup/Kickstarter

Are water ring stains ruining your relationship? Many an argument has been fought when one careless individual sets their beverage upon a coffee table or antique nightstand without deigning to use a coaster. Thankfully, an inventor named Joel Paglione has solved this problem that's as old as domesticity itself by creating a glass that can hover just above said table.

The aptly named Levitating Cup is exactly that: As its creators explain, "Working via a system of magnets and an electrical field, the Levitating CUP features a metallic base that enables the cup to float above the table at zero gravity, completely weightless, and remain that way uninterrupted indefinitely."

Hide the base by attaching it to the underside of a table, and you might even be able to convince your friends you're the next David Blaine. The Kickstarter's 198 backers have pledged nearly $45,000 thus far, meaning the Levitating Cup is already most of the way to its $50K goal with 10 days left in the campaign. The first production run of cups is slated to ship in October, so in theory you could have one in time to elevate your first glass of eggnog of the year.

Watch the gravity-defying drinkware in action, below:

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