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Watch Gordon Ramsay Hunt for Puffin in Iceland

Cute, but delicious

Puffins are adorable, but in Iceland, they're a culinary tradition. In this video, shouty chef Gordon Ramsay tries the bird for the first time, learns how to hunt it, and prepares a puffin feast.

Instead of shooting them out of the sky, the proper technique for hunting puffins involves a large net at the end of a long pole. Ramsay and his hunting partner sit on an island cliffside and wait for the birds to swoop down and catch the wind off of the cliff. Then, they reach out with their net and snatch the unsuspecting prey. Ramsay is kind enough to let a couple go, but he bags four birds to throw in the grill.

"I've never tasted anything like it before," Ramsay says in the video. "I actually quite like it. It's very creamy, slightly gamey, a little bit salty, but quite intriguing because it's very smooth on the palate."

Watch the above video and learn the proper way to prepare puffin if you ever find it on your cookout menu.

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