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Watch: Catfish and Sweet Potato Fries Are a Southern Spin on Fish and Chips

Keep that oil hot, y'all

The faceless, voiceless chef behind YouTube channel Silently Cooking is back with a Southern American take on fish and chips: catfish and sweet potato fries. This video, blissfully devoid of any superfluous commentary, details the steps for a tasty, deep-fried meal.

The key to the fries is that they take a double-dip in the hot oil. The first go-round ensures the interior is cooked properly, and a second guarantees crispy texture. Don't forget to add a healthy pinch of salt as soon as they're done. For the catfish, it's all about dredging in buttermilk, flour, and cornmeal seasoned with paprika, garlic powder, Old Bay, and salt. Skipping on the cornmeal isn't an option; it's a must for Southern-style fried catfish.

If a bunch of fried food sounds a little too heavy on a hot August day, let Silently Cooking be your guide to mango-tilapia ceviche.

Silently Cooking - Fried Catfish with Sweet Potato Fries [YouTube]

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