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Apparently People Don't Want to Stare at Donald Trump While They Eat

Trump art proves to be nearly as controversial as the man himself

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Republican Candidate Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Windham, New Hampshire Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images

As the top-rated reality show that is the 2016 presidential campaign continues, some restaurants have learned the hard way that partisan political decor doesn’t make the most appetizing setting for diners.

Over the weekend, a German restaurant in New York called Schnitzel Haus took down an autographed photo of Donald Trump. The owners claimed the photo, which the Associated Press reports had been up since 2007, was hurting their business.

Some customers apparently weren’t too keen on eating under the watchful eyes of Trump. After getting a few negative Yelp reviews mentioning the photo, Schnitzel Haus decided to remove it:

Interestingly, the removal of the photo may actually have backfired — the restaurant’s Yelp page is now inundated with reviews urging the restaurant to re-hang the photo or risk a boycott.

Meanwhile in Portland, a bar removed a painting depicting Hitler wearing one of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats following customer complaints.

In a Facebook post, Portland’s Night Light Lounge announced they were removing the controversial painting, though they made it clear the removal had less to do with Trump and more to do with Hitler:

Some restaurants have taken it a step even further — banning Trump himself from ever dining in their establishments. Of course, such announcements are usually just gimmicks meant to drum up publicity — negative or otherwise — for the restaurants.

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