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Donald Trump Eats His Big Macs Sans Buns; Subway’s New Logo

Five things to know today

It’s been pretty well-reported that, among Donald Trump’s newly-announced list of economic advisors are six dudes named Steve and exactly zero women. But perhaps even more interesting: the list also includes a hot dog vendor. To be fair, this isn’t a guy selling hot dogs on the corner — Howard Lorber, who has a net worth of $42.5 million, is executive chairman of Nathan’s Famous. No word on whether Trump will snag the coveted Joey Chestnut endorsement.

In more vital food news today:

— Speaking of Trump... Despite being a major fast food fan, Trump apparently often adheres to a low-carb diet. The New York Times cites Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr as saying he watched Trump "rip the buns off his McDonald’s patties before plying the burgers with ketchup." Trump also once told US Weekly that he "scrapes the toppings" off his pizza and never eats the dough.

— Subway has updated its iconic green and yellow logo to a slightly different green and yellow logo (which kind of looks like a recycling symbol, if you ask me). The arrows are said to "symbolize the choices Subway provides its guests," which, sure. The logo is already being used in two new ads which began airing August 5.

— Renowned French chef Jacques Pépin has a new line of dinnerware, serving utensils, and accessories for Sur La Table. There is a major chicken theme happening — no surprise since the guy is a master of de-boning and roasting birds — and the collection, which ranges from $7 to $499, features Pépin’s own paintings.

You won’t be playing Pokémon Go at this English bar: The proprietor has installed copper wire mesh in the ceiling and lined the walls with tin foil, "effectively blocking cell phone signals from getting into the establishment." What are people going to do, actually talk to one another?

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