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TipsForJesus Leaves $5,000 Tip at a Utah Steakhouse

On a $311 tab, that's a 1,600% gratuity

The mysterious group of diners known as TipsForJesus has struck again: Last week they hit a family-owned steakhouse in Ogden, Utah, unleashing a $5,000 tip upon their unsuspecting server.

As the name might indicate, Timbermine is a mine-themed restaurant; the steaks bear names like the Prospector and the Gold Rush, while a lobster tail is referred to as the Mother Lode. The anonymous mega-tippers ran up a tab of $311.76, meaning they left an approximate 1,600 percent tip:

Huge thanks to everyone at TIMBERMINE! #youguysareawesome

A photo posted by tipsforjesus (@tipsforjesus) on

The servers on the receiving end of said tip look about as elated as you'd expect:

Can't top this crew! #timbermine

A photo posted by tipsforjesus (@tipsforjesus) on

While many have speculated as to their identities, the TipsforJesus group has managed to remain shrouded in anonymity as they drop giant gratuities coast to coast. The Timbermine staff says they were a wild bunch, though, telling local news station KSL that "After a few drinks, they sneaked into a banquet hall to crash a reunion for a high school that none of them went to."

TipsForJesus's first began chronicling their mega-tips in late 2012 via Instagram, though the people behind it say they've been doing it for at least a decade.

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