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Canine Wine Is Here for the Classiest of Dogs

Perfect for when your four-legged friend needs to unwind after a long day

Apollo Peak's "Zinfantail" and "Chardognay."
Apollo Peak's "Zinfantail" and "Chardognay."
Apollo Peak/Facebook

Non-alcoholic wine specifically made for cats burst onto the scene in June, giving feline lovers and their fluffy friends another excuse to spend the evening at home on the couch. Now, dogs can join the party too. Responding to demand, Apollo Peak has created to new varietals: "ZinfanTail" and "CharDOGnay."

Brandon Zavala, founder of Apollo Peak, told the Huffington Post his company's cat wine is meant to act as a bit of a stimulant, offering similar effects as catnip. Apollo Peak's canine wine, on the other hand, will produce the opposite effect, putting a dog in chill mode. "It's more of a relaxant," Zavala told HuffPo. "They'll get more of that mellow mood."

ZinfanTail and CharDOGnay are currently available for preorder online, and they're going for $17.95 per 12-ounce bottle. What's one to do if their dog simply doesn't have the palate for wine. Don't worry, an Indiana Brewery is making beer for dogs that Rover is sure to love.

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