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Did Burger King Swipe the Idea for Mac n' Cheetos From a YouTube Chef?

The only major difference is shape

Burger King broke the internet when it introduced a new item called Mac n' Cheetos earlier this summer. Macaroni and cheese coated in Cheetos flavoring and deep fried: What's not to love? Unfortunately, it looks like the Whopper purveyor is taking credit for a genius idea that someone else had first. YouTuber Kyle Marcoux, who goes by the name The Vulgar Chef, created an eerily similar recipe last year, reports Foodbeast. Marcoux isn't pleased.

"At first I was like what the fuck? Like ... you're fucking Burger King," the YouTube chef told Foodbeast. "It actually is a little flattering that a company as large as BK would take an idea from a fat, drunk, illiterate food blogger who is basically an internet food troll. Kind of sad if you ask me."

Burger King unveiled Mac n' Cheetos in June, and there's no telling how long the chain tinkered with its recipe. But Marcoux posted a video for his "Cheetos Crusted Mac N/ Cheese Fries" in September 2015. It's hard to fathom two separate individuals coming up with such an out-of-bounds idea at around the same time.

The only major difference in the two dishes is shape. Marcoux probably doesn't have access to the necessary equipment to mass-mold his version into that distinctive Cheetos shape. Foodbeast notes he doesn't have a copyright for the recipe, so there isn't much he can do to fight back against the pilfering fast food chain.

Representatives from Burger King did not respond to an Eater request for comment.

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