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Watch: How to Make Eggs Benedict For a Group

Sous vide makes the eggs and the sauce a snap

Just in time to help you become the brunch host you always dreamed you could be this weekend, our friends at ChefSteps present a stress-free method for nailing (often unnecessarily tricky) eggs benedict, every time.

Co-founder Grant Crilly suggests employing a tried and true ChefSteps technique to make the simplest and tastiest eggs benedict possible: sous vide. Preparing both the eggs — traditionally poached in eggs benedict — and the hollandaise sauce this way turns a usually very hands-on breakfast dish into a very hands-off one. Simply blitz the finished hollandaise in the blender to add body, and crack the cooked eggs over a slotted spoon to lose the runny whites, and you can spend more time with your guests than fussing over the stove.

Watch the video above for a visual how-to of the process (including pan frying English muffins for optimum crispiness), and follow along with the recipe here.

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