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Watch: A Gardener's Obsession With Growing Giant Vegetables

What is he feeding those zucchinis?

Some people collect coins; others like building model airplanes. Phillip Vowles gets his kicks growing giant vegetables. The gardener from Llanharry, Wales developed an obsession for enormous vegetables 30 years ago and has since become an expert in the cultivation of hulking zucchinis and cabbages — some weighing well over 100 pounds, as this video from Great Big Story explains.

Along with tending to the watering, weeding, and feeding of his Guinness World Record-breaking produce, Vowles says he likes to nurture his greenery with a little lip service. "Sometimes I do a bit of talking to them to encourage them to grow, which is a bit of fun," he says.

Vowles supplies his local pub with vegetables and notes that a single giant cabbage can feed up to 140 people. Of course, Vowles does much more than whisper to his plants: The organic gardener hand-selects his seeds to favor bigger and bigger vegetables. "It's a big thrill every day," he says.

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