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Obama's Birthday Dinner; The Olympics' Coffee Problem

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Five things to know today

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Happy Friday, at long last. Yesterday was President Obama's 55th birthday, and he celebrated by having dinner with FLOTUS at D.C. waterfront restaurant Fiola Mare; no word on what they ate at the popular Italian seafood spot, but a crowd gathered outside the restaurant to sing "Happy Birthday" upon POTUS's exit.

In more food news today:

— Hopefully someone on Team USA thought to pack a French press in their suitcase, because there is no coffee being served at Rio's Olympic Village. (Plenty of Coca-Cola products, however.)

— An upcoming cafe concept in Switzerland made headlines recently for its plans to serve coffee and blowjobs. Guess what? The creator is also planning one for London.

— Canadian-born coffee shop Tim Horton's has legions of loyal fans, but most of America has no clue what Timbits are (spoiler: they're doughnut holes). The chain's parent company hopes to change that, however, saying it wants to make Timmy's as widespread across the globe as Burger King.

— Amazon continues its quest to become a major player in the food delivery sphere: The e-commerce giant just launched "Daily Dish" delivery in Seattle, offering lunch delivery of two meals from two different restaurants each day priced around $10. (Sounds an awful lot like UberEATS' "instant" lunch delivery service, which first launched back in 2014.)