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Pizza ATMs Are the Technology America Deserves

The first one has landed

It's real
It's real
Pizza ATM/Facebook

Depending on one's current level of hunger (and sobriety), pizza may actually be superior to money. A college in Ohio is preparing to test that theory as it prepares to install a pizza ATM to serve students after hours, WCPO reports.

Cincinnati's Xavier University is working with a France-based company to bring the first device of its kind to America. The machine can hold 70 pizzas at any given time; said pies are prepped by dining hall staff — who have undergone "40 hours of training each from a French chef", says the Cincinnati Business Courier and then loaded into the machine. Each 12-inch pizza costs $9-10, depending on toppings; customers select their pizza on a touch screen and pay with either a student card or credit card. The selected pizza is automatically slid into a convection oven, cooked at 475 degrees, placed in a cardboard box, and ejected through a slot in the machine within three minutes of ordering, according to the Journal-News.

The ATM will be open to the public starting on August 10, though after the doors to the building lock at 8 p.m. nightly it will only be accessible to college students and staff. The anticipated sales are around 300 pizzas a day, and now the only question that remains is: How big of a surge in student applications will Xavier see next year?

The U.S. is seemingly late to the pizza ATM game, as Europe has had these genius contraptions around for years. Thankfully, America already has cupcake ATMs, frozen yogurt vending machines, and baguette vending machines.