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Watch: Graham Crackers Were Originally Invented to Tame Libidos

Strange but true

Graham crackers may seem all sweet and innocent, what with their propensity to be included in childhood favorites like pie crusts and s'mores — but they didn't start out that way. In fact, according to this video from Great Big Story, graham crackers were initially created to curb one's appetite for, well, things other than food.

The original iteration not only "tasted like cardboard," but it was created by a minister in an attempt to "rid Americans of their greed and lust." That minister — Sylvester Graham — believed that alcohol, meat and fatty foods were far too sexy, and led to inappropriate urges. His solution: a bland cracker that would satiate one's physical needs.

His cracker was much different than the sugary varieties of today: It was sugar-free, made of wheat bran, unbleached flour, and bran. Perhaps surprisingly, it became popular, even developing a cult-like following amongst so-called "Graham-ites." After his death, the graham cracker was sweetened — and, frankly, became a lot more attractive.

Oh, if only ol' Sylvester knew what his eponymous cracker would one day become: the star of a sexy, sexy treat in which it literally hugs melted chocolate and marshmallows. One typically eaten fireside, no less — it doesn't get much more romantic than that.

Graham Crackers Were Invented to Curb Sexual Appetite [YouTube]

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