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An Olympic Drinking Game; 360 Degrees of Dominique Ansel

Five things to know today

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Happy almost Friday. The 2016 Rio Olympics kick off tomorrow evening, so naturally someone has created an opening ceremony drinking game. Examples: Take a shot any time the hosts mention Zika, and chug the whole time Team USA is shown. (You will most assuredly be hammered by the end.)

In more food news today: No, the Smithsonian will not pay you to get drunk; a famed NYC cocktail bar goes international; go shopping with cronut creator Dominique Ansel; and more.

— What were restaurants like 100 years ago? Test your knowledge with this quiz from NPR. (Fun fact: In 1900, many higher-end restaurants wouldn't allow solo female diners after 6 p.m.)

— Beloved NYC food cart the Halal Guys continues its rapid nationwide expansion: The chicken and rice purveyor hits Las Vegas on August 12.

— The Smithsonian is hiring a beer historian, but what does that job actually entail? After likely being flooded with resumes from people who want to get paid to drink beer, the institute explains "this position is not about drinking on the job. The historian will, of course, taste some beer, but his or her real focus will be on documenting American history for future researchers, scholars, and the public." Womp womp.

— One of NYC's most famous cocktail bars is headed to Spain: PDT (or Please Don't Tell), which can only be accessed via a phone booth inside an East Village hot dog joint, will host a pop-up at Barcelona's Mandarin Oriental hotel for the month of September. In addition to drinks by legendary barman Jim Meehan, expect fancy hot dogs created by big-name chefs including Albert Adrià and Joan Roca of El Celler de Can Roca.

— Finally, now's your chance to hang out with cronut creator Dominique Ansel (sort of): Here's a cool Facebook 360 video of the genius pastry chef shopping for ingredients at NYC's Union Square Greenmarket.