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Brad Pitt Inspires Bizarre Fanfic Cookbook Concept

Recipes inspired by Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven, and more famous films

Brad Pitt Mark Davis/Getty Images

The latest celebrity to be honored with a cookbook is everlasting heartthrob Brad Pitt — but Pitt himself is not involved. Rather, some very devoted fans have penned the ultimate in strange tributes: a book dedicated to the actor’s eating habits on film,” Allure reports.

Since this is not an officially sanctioned Pitt project, it sadly won’t include whatever the Hollywood legend whips up at home for Angelina and the kids. (Although, given Pitt and Jolie’s foray into the winemaking business a few years back, an authorized cookbook wouldn’t seem like that much of a reach.)

Instead, readers can expect recipes inspired by the many varied things Pitt has eaten on-screen, such as Bellagio Shrimp Cocktail (Ocean’s Eleven) and seafood bisque, a reference to the highly unappetizing Fight Club scene in which Tyler Durden, uh, tampers with the food at the hotel where he works.

But as far as fandom-inspired works go, Pitt certainly could have fared worse: Take, for example, the recent Guy Fieri/Ted Cruz fanfic that terrorized the internet.

In more authorized celebrity cookbook news, Lady Gaga just penned a foreword for her father’s forthcoming Italian restaurant cookbook, and Oprah’s first cookbook is coming out in January.

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