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Watch: The World's Priciest Popcorn Is Drenched in Real Gold

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Each kernel costs $5

When is a single kernel of popcorn worth $5? Well, never, but that hasn't stopped a Chicago-based company called Berco's Popcorn from selling it anyway. In the latest installment of his GQ video series "Most Expensivest Shit," rapper 2 Chainz — along with pro skateboarder Nyjah Houston — boldly goes where few have gone before, sampling some very pricey popcorn that's coated in 23-karat gold.

Of course, simply covering the kernels in edible gold wouldn't suffice, so the popcorn is also seasoned with one of the world's most prized salts, harvested from the Danish island of Læsø. A bucket of said popcorn can be yours for the mere price of $500, making for one very expensive Netflix night.

What "most expensivest shit" will 2 Chainz try next? How about the foie-gras stuffed chicken wings served at a Hong Kong restaurant for $35 each, a $180 bowl of ramen, or a 15-year-aged steak that costs more than most people's rent?

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