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Anthony Bourdain Has 23,527 Unread Emails; What Is Philly-Style Fried Chicken?

Five things to know right now

Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali taking a selfie at a [RED] event in NYC on June 6.
Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali taking a selfie at a [RED] event in NYC on June 6.
Noam Galai/Getty Images

It's Tuesday: The U.S. Open is in full swing, MAD 5 is over, and Anthony Bourdain does not use emojis (except "if I want my friends to think I'm losing my mind I will use a rainbow and a unicorn.") or food-focused apps. Of course he doesn't. Can you imagine Bourdain using Yelp in Shanghai? He also tells the WSJ that he currently has 23,527 unread emails on his phone. A man after my own heart.

And now a brief request to any sommeliers out there that might be reading this: Can someone send Huma Abedin some really nice champagne, maybe a Dom from 2008 (a vintage from before she married that politician who likes to text inappropriate photos of himself to women)? I like imagining Abedin throwing back shots with HRC, but honestly she deserves Champagne. Maybe she can use her soon-to-be-ex-husband's phone to uncork it.

In other food-related news:

— How to: Starbucks' off-the-menu oatmeal latte actually sounds pretty good.

— Philly-style fried chicken, explained: "Philly is a dip and condiment-heavy city," so this is a fried chicken that can stand up to dipping. Plus, the outer shell is so crisp and crunchy "if some of the breading falls off," you can use it like a chip for dip.

— Your favorite band Linkin Park is an investor in Blue Bottle Coffee.

— McDonald's is embroiled in a social-media nightmare after a sexual video featuring McChicken goes viral.

— Tickets to Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's first major NYC-based fundraising dinner at a restaurant are going for up to $250,000 a pop. It will be at Cipriani Wall Street next month and Barbra Streisand is hosting.

— Finally, Thai-style rolled ice cream is fun to watch: