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The World’s Priciest Chicken Wings Cost $35 Each

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They’re stuffed with foie gras, of course

Chicken wings are one of the world’s most perfect foods. Besides being the tastiest part of the entire bird, they’re also delightfully inexpensive — usually.

A French restaurant in Hong Kong called Belon has taken everyone’s favorite Super Bowl snack and thoroughly bastardized it by stuffing it with luxury ingredients, NextShark reports, including prized matsutake mushrooms and foie gras. The result? A single chicken wing that at HK$268, or approximately $35 USD, costs more than a week’s worth of Starbucks pilgrimages.

Chicken wing farci.

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A single $35 wing makes the $89 whole roast chicken at The Nomad in Manhattan seem like a relative bargain; that one, too, is stuffed with pricey mushrooms and foie gras.

But clearly no one-percenter Super Bowl party would be complete without a bucket of these wings. In the meantime, the hungry bourgeoisie can feast on $180 bowls of ramen or ice cream cones covered in gold leaf.

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