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Watch: What Restaurant Workers Hate About Serving You

Stop pretending to have a gluten allergy, okay?

Unless you've actually worked as a restaurant server, you don't truly understand the upper limits of how obnoxious humans can be. From made-up allergies and absurd modifications to snapping or whistling to draw a server's attention and leaving a shitty tip, there are an endless number of ways to ruin a server's evening.

Jimmy Kimmel asked servers what they hate the most about their jobs, and the resulting video serves as a handy guide on how not to act at a restaurant: Don't tip your server in condoms, don't camp out at a table for hours on end, and for the love of God, don't write your phone number on the tab in lieu of a tip and actually expect them to call you.

Remember, there's a good chance that the worker relaying your "gluten allergy" to the kitchen makes just $2.15 an hour, so try to treat them like a human rather than a lowly servant.

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