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Watch: This Video of Melting M&M's Is Strangely Soothing

Tasty and entertaining

In 2016, reading the national headlines day in and day out is enough to cause a nervous breakdown. Donald Trump might be president? OK. Social unrest across the country? Sure. Terrifying climate change? Uh huh. Fast food companies finding more and more ways to shove junk food in our faces? Well, that's not so bad. If you're feeling stressed out, consider watching this video of M&M's being melted down.

Watching the candy dissolve and listening to the smooth electronic tones that serve as the soundtrack, it's quite soothing. As the video's description says, M&M's "melt in your mouth, and under extreme temperatures." The only thing that might make this video better would be watching it while consuming a king size bag of the candy.

If melting down M&M's isn't your thing, perhaps a giant Jawbreaker wasting away under high heat will float your boat. Either way, these videos prove that, despite what your parents told you, playing with fire is pretty fun.

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