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Watch: Ikea Makes Fun of Your Obsessive Food Instagramming

Think twice about posting that photo of Swedish meatballs

IKEA just laid down the gauntlet for people who routinely strive to take the perfect photo of their food to post on Instagram. A new ad from the Swedish home furnishings company pokes fun at the ridiculousness of such habits by taking the process back in time before social media, the internet, or even cameras, showing a family waiting in agony to eat as an artist painstakingly documents a lavish banquet meal. Then, he prances about the countryside showing off the still life and raking in a series of thumbs up from passersby.

Flash forward to the end of the commercial and IKEA's point seemingly evolves from "Stop Instagramming your food, nerds" to "Sit down, put your phone away, and enjoy the meal — in a kitchen you conveniently purchased from IKEA."

The habit of Instagramming food has helped spur some beautiful — if questionable in taste — food trends, such as the proliferation of rainbow-colored snacks and beverages and the emergence of a blue, algae-scented latte in Australia.

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