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The Avocado Time Machine Will Put an End to Brown Guacamole

It gives the fruit a shelf life of at least 10 days

Naturo/Official Site

An Australian company claims to have solved the cringe-inducing problem of browning avocados, the Guardian reports. The company, called Naturo, has developed an "avocado time machine" that can keep the fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) fresh and perfectly green without the use of additives or processing aids.

The Natavo Zero device nips browning in the bud by using pressure fluctuations to suppress the enzyme that causes avocados to brown when they're exposed to oxygen. The machine is capable of processing pre-sliced or mashed avocado at a rate of 4,000 avocados an hour, ensuring that what comes out the other end will not need chemical preservatives. Naturo promises the packaged product will have a minimum refrigerated shelf life of 10 days, even after it's been opened.

Sadly, this machine will not fit on your kitchen countertop, and undoubtedly has a gigantic price tag to match its industrial size. But with avocado prices on the rise — jumping a whopping 46 percent over the last year — and some minor panic erupting over a shortage, this new development could come in handy for curbing waste.

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