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Watch: Pig Ear Sandwiches on Jackson, Mississippi’s Historic Farish Street

Big Apple Inn is a fourth-generation neighborhood favorite

Geno Lee thinks the best part of the pig is one that's often overlooked. Today's video from the Southern Foodways Alliance documentary program profiles the Big Apple Inn, Lee's sandwich shop on historic Farish Street in Jackson, Mississippi that's known for serving the best pig ears in the area, as well as ground sausage sandwiches served on lightly fried buns. Big Apple is also known among locals as Big John’s after Lee's great-grandfather Juan "Big John" Mora, who opened the restaurant in an old grocery store space after making money selling tamales from a cart on the same street.

While the best-selling pig ears might be an acquired taste — "They are not recommended for people with diabetes," a regular sagely advises as he bites into one — Big Apple is a city-wide favorite, and one that has served Farish Street through good times and bad. Watch the video above for a look at the restaurant's place in Jackson history, as well as the quality food that still makes it a destination today.

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