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Tim Kaine Has Demonstrably Better Taste in Restaurants Than Mike Pence

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Yesterday he ate at an iconic soul food restaurant in Florida

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The dining habits of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been discussed ad nauseam: The former takes a cue from Beyoncé and carries hot sauce in her bag, while the latter eats fast food from the confines of his private jet. But what's fueling their respective vice president candidates?

Mike Pence recently drew criticism for his pedestrian taste in food when he dined at a Chili's in New Jersey, but Twitter's new favorite dorky dad, Tim Kaine, clearly learned from his opponent's mistake.

Yesterday found Clinton's VP pick campaigning in the all-important swing state of Florida, and for dinner the Sun Sentinel reports he hit up a Fort Lauderdale landmark: soul food spot Betty's Restaurant & Barbecue. There, the Virginia senator reportedly dined on fried shrimp and buffalo wings and washed it down with lemonade.

Based on photos posted to Twitter, it looks as if Kaine may have also enjoyed some cornbread while he chatted with fellow diners:

The restaurant's politics are decidedly Democratic, as apparently it's even home to a cardboard cutout of President Obama.

While at Betty's, Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness vowed his county would "deliver the state of Florida" to the Clinton campaign with a 250,000 vote margin. At any rate, the candidate's soul food stop is certainly a better look than Trump's ill-advised taco bowl tweet.

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