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Watch: Chef Edward Lee Prefers Gator for His Schnitzel

Lee thinks outside the box

When one is preparing schnitzel, creatures from the swamp aren't the first that come to mind. Veal, pork, chicken, and the like are typically the go-to meats. But, chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia in Louisville has other ideas. In this video from The Mind of a Chef, Lee prepares schnitzel made from alligator meat.

"I go to the grocery, and it makes me sad when I look at the meat counter and all I see is a huge row of chicken, a huge row of beef, and usually a small row of pork, and that's it," Lee says in the video. "Those animals don't exist in the way that we once knew them, those factory animals. So most of these meats are really not the ones we started with anyway."

Lee would like Americans to look beyond the big meat industry and find new sources of animal protein. And even though he admits gator meat isn't the most flavorful, the chef deploys a little country ham for help in that department. Watch the video above for an unorthodox take on schnitzel.

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