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Watch: Making Thousands of Real Fruit Popsicles at People’s Pops

This production facility churns out over 2500 desserts a day

There is no better antidote to a heatwave than something frozen on a stick. People's Pops, a New York City-based icy pop company, creates simple but brightly-colored treats using only produce from the city's local greenmarkets and organic simple syrup at an incredible rate — namely, nearly 3000 pops a day. Watch the video above for a peek at how they do it.

People's Pops began as a passion project for three friends — David Carrell, Joel Horowitz, and Nathalie Jordi — in 2008. After success selling their wares at first just at pop-up festivals around the city and at weekend food events, the three opened a brick and mortar shop in NYC's Chelsea Market, and complete their production in a small facility at 630 Flushing in Brooklyn. Every one of the company's over 100 seasonal flavors (like peach balsamic blueberry and strawberry mint) are speed-frozen at -25 degrees, and harden in just 20 minutes. Check out the mesmerizing process above.

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